16-24 year olds Job Start Payment

Eligible 16-24 year olds who are already receiving certain other benefits or tax credits are being encouraged to apply for Job Start Payment - a one-off payment worth £267.65, or £428.25 if the applicant has children.

Job Start Payment helps young people with the costs of starting a job after a period of being unemployed. The payment can help with the costs of travel, work clothes or childcare.

Job Start Payment is available to eligible young people who have been offered a job after being out of work for at least six months to the day they were offered the job and are in receipt of a qualifying benefit. Care leavers can apply for a further year, up to the day before their 26th birthday, and only need to be out of work and in receipt of a qualifying benefit on the day of their job offer.

Young people can find pre-application advice for Job Start Payment, which includes eligibility and award amounts, and apply at the mygov.scot website.

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