Safeguarding refugees in Scotland

From my work as Deputy Convenor of the CPG on Human Trafficking, I understand that people fleeing humanitarian crises and war zone are especially at risk of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Very sadly this still happens in Scotland- and work is under way in the Scottish Government to tackle the demand for prostitution and sexual exploitation that fosters the trafficking of women and children. From tactics of deception and manipulation to outright coercion, trafficking for sexual exploitation involves an exploiter making money from the harm and mass abuse and rape of women and children, in the vast majority of cases. 
We need to stop the demand for trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation now, and work towards ensuring that Scotland is a safe place for everyone to live. Support the A Model for Scotland Campaign today so that our laws can change for the better- prosecuting the exploiters- traffickers and pimps or procurers (who are legally termed as sex workers), not the children and women they systematically exploit. 
I'm glad the Minister for Refugees is taking this matter seriously and as shown in today's Portfolio Question Time. 
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