Running Major Scott Sherwood- Let’s Get Running in Glasgow!

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Congratulations to Scott Sherwood who has been selected as Glasgow's new Running Major, as part of an initiative to encourage more people to start running and building healthy lifestyles. 

Scott said:

"Getting out and running has so many benefits; it can be good for the environment, it can have a dramatic affect on your physical and mental well-being, and it can be amazing fun! I would like to inspire more people to have running adventures and share them to encourage others!"

Running is a great way to exercise. It can boost mental health and wellbeing. If you want to start running, try new routes to keep it interesting and listen to favourite music or podcasts whilst on the go. This can be a great habit to form & give you headspace during a busy week or household. New to running? Try couch to 5K. 

Weekly exercise is an important part of living a healty lifestyle. If you are wanting to loose weight make sure to check out the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde's good eating advice leaflet explaining the best ways to loose weight

Remember, your diet is the biggest contributor to weight gain or loss. This should be accompanied by weekly exercise. 

Easy first steps to weight loss:

  • 1) Download an app to log your food, so you know how much you are eating.
  • 2) Weigh yourself daily whilst loosing weight. Ideally this should be done at the same time everyday (e.g. before breakfast). Note your weight can fluctate day to day for a number of reasons, including your hormones. Recording your weight is about being aware of your weight pattern (maintining, building or loosing weight). So don't be disheartened if it goes up one day. 
  • 3) Switch white bread/pasta etc. to whole grain, whole meal or brown bread and pasta. This will fill you up for longer and give you more energy.
  • 4) Switch sugary snacks (crisps, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks) for fruit. This will still give you a sugary kick of energy, but with much fewer calories & it will fill you up for longer. 1 apple= 90 calories. 1 chocolate bar= 240 calories. 
  • 5) Eat mindfully. Stop eating when you are full, not when your plate is finished. Eat dinner without watching TV. Sometimes it is easy to eat as a pick me up. Try choosing nice things you can do instead of this, ahead of time. E.g. watching a favourite show, reading a book, having a bath, go for a run or speaking to a friend. 
  • 6) If you are tired drink two glasses of water before eating. You may be dehydrated. 

Make sure to check your ideal weight through the NHS's BMI calculator & speak to your GP if you need advice on weight gain or loss. 

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