Bill Kidd MSP: Full Coronavirus Update

Updated: 20th April 2020

Attached to this post you will find documents with wide ranging advice on what to do and how to access support during the ongoing period of response to COVID-19. This includes general information on steps taken by the Scottish Government and information on some of what is happening locally. My office has been working remotely during this time of crisis. We have been working hard to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks and focused on ensuring that you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

As a community, we can get through this together. I believe that when we look back on this time we will be able to say that we looked out for each other and that our community became stronger as a result of this crisis.

With this in mind, I would ask that if you know of anyone who may be living alone in this period or who is vulnerable, I encourage you to reach out to them to see how they are managing or if they need help.

Those who are vulnerable are offered practical support from Glasgow City Council, and those in ‘Group One’- the most vulnerable group- have been contacted and offered support directly. Nonetheless, for those who are in the vulnerable category, it can make a huge difference for these people to know that their neighbours and friends are thinking of them. If you’ve considered reaching out to check-in on people who might be needing some help (whilst following lockdown and social distancing measures) then I would urge you to do so.  

We all know that the best way we can protect people is by staying home and only going out for essential exercise (locally once a day) and to buy essentials. Thank you for doing this.

Many people have been keen to help in other ways. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the Scotland Cares campaign. Over 42,000 people had already registered to volunteer with Ready Scotland within one week of it being launched!

If you have the ability to give- whether to foodbanks, those you know in need, or charities- I would encourage you to give generously. Many local foodbanks are still accepting donations. Drumchapel Foodbank is still receiving donations (check their facebook page for more information). The StoreHouse in Anniesland is accepting online donations that will be used to buy food directly for those who need it.

Finally, stay connected. Keep in touch with friends and family. Again, check in on people if you are worried they may be disconnected or in need of help. This a challenging time, and it is easy to get overwhelmed with the uncertainty that we face.

Our response must be to work together to overcome this. I am already seeing this take place- proving that hope is very real, especially in times of great difficulty.

Sincerely, Bill Kidd MSP

Bill Kidd MSP for Glasgow Anniesland



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