Move the Nuclear Weapons Money – The Global Campaign

Count the Nuclear Weapons Money action was part of a global campaign Move the Nuclear Weapons Money.

NuclearMoneyVanda Proskova and Bill Kidd prepare the nuclear weapons money for counting

‘The campaign is aimed at curtailing a dangerous nuclear arms race by cutting off the budgets and investments that fund the weapons, and to use these funds to instead address and resolve climate change, poverty, international conflicts and inequality,’ said Alyn Ware, co-founder of the campaign and one of the core members of Count the Nuclear Weapons Money.

‘The nuclear weapons industry makes billions of dollars and uses their wealth and power to promote the nuclear arms race and increased spending on nuclear weapons. But we can take back this power through divestment and legislative action.’(See New Anti-Nuclear Campaign to Stop Funding of Nuclear Weapons, Associated Press).

‘The campaign is making progress on divestment action, and is getting support from all types of people, young and old, from all sorts of backgrounds and from nuclear-armed and non-nuclear countries,’ said Vanda Proskova, Vice-Chair of PragueVision Institute for Sustainable Security, curator of the Move the Nuclear Weapons Money memes exhibition and one of the core members of Count the Nuclear Weapons Money.

‘Counting the nuclear weapons money this past week puts (non-fossil) fuel into the campaign by demonstrating the staggering amounts of money currently going into nuclear weapons and the amount of good this money could make for ensuring a peaceful and sustainable planet if it was re-directed.’

Originally Posted at http://www.nuclearweaponsmoney.org/news/over-500-billion-of-nuke-money-counted-and-shifted-to-sdgs/

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