Whiteinch Transformation project visit

Bill was pleased to visit Whiteinch Transformation to learn about their new Made 4 More project. Whiteinch Transformation works in the heart of the whiteinch community to show kindness and provide help to people when they are in need. They run four main projects, including: 'Healing for the Heart' which helps people through services like counselling; a food bank serving postcodes G11/G14; Forge (training and resourcing people); and runs budget and money managemnet courses with Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

Healing for the Heart recently launched a programme called Made 4 More, which supports people as they volunteer. The goal of this programme is to equip people with new skills and gain experience in new areas. 

Here's what they say about it:

"We take a holistic approach to mental and emotional health and Made for More will provide one to one tailored support to ensure that all factors which contribute towards our volunteers' emotional and mental well being are addressed. The program promotes working and learning, together with discussion based therapeutic group work.

We prioritise places for those who feel that they have been excluded from community due to issues with mental and/or emotional health or to those who are recovering from life controlling behaviours. The focus of the project will be to increase the resiliency of these volunteers and to build, together, a model of resilient community.

Working in partnership with other agencies and services, we will provide a holistic learning environment where all can flourish and be empowered to be all that they can be.

 E-mail info@healingfortheheart for more information or to if you would like to offer a placement for one of our supported volunteers."

 Made4More01Donna and Carol

Shona Stirling, Director of Made 4 More; Carol Monaghan MP (your representative in Westminster) and Donna Ross (Whiteinch Transformation).

Below: Bill Kidd MSP, Donna Ross and Shona Stirling.  

Bill Kidd said, "I thoroughly enjoyed this visit to see the work being done by Whiteinch Transformation- they truly are transforming lives. I would encourage constituents who feel they may enjoy Made 4 More, to contact the team about becoming a supported volunteer.

"The programme will help people learn practical new skills and meet new people. Beyond this, it is a great example of heartfelt community- something which is so essential to us all."

Bill Donna Shona Made 4 More



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