Help Needed to Take Trident to Court and Rally Date Change

Help to stop Trident war crimes 

Almost 2 years ago Angie Zelter with the backing of Trident Ploughshares started PICAT - the Public Interest Case Against Trident. 5 groups joined in with 399 people supporting the the project and they tried to get a private prosecution of the Prime Minister and Defence Minister for planning to use Trident in certain unspecified circumstances by presenting an indictment and evidence at our local magistrates court.

Now, after much correspondence with the Attorney General he has refused our case saying we have insufficient evidence. See http://picat.online/ for more details. However, this is a 'political' decision not an informed and impartial decision on the legal merits of the case. Therefore papers have been served to ask for a Judicial Review of this decision.

In order to fund the Judicial Review and the collection of even more evidence and possibly a renewed attempt to the Attorney-General they have set up a crowd funding appeal with crowdjustice who are a web-based platform for these kinds of legal campaigns.

This page went live today and needs your help. They have to raise their target of £10,000 in only 30 days from the launch (otherwise the pledges are not collected) so please make a donation now.

Change of date for September Rally

At a recent Scottish CND executive meeting it was decided to change the date of the planned rally at the Faslane Nuclear Base scheduled for Saturday September 15 . This was to avoid a clash with another event in Glasgow on that day. The rally will now take place on Saturday, 22nd of  September 2018. Please add it to your calendar. Further details will be published online and information will go out through Scottish CND mailings.





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