Peace Boat Visits Parliament

Peace Boat Climate Youth Ambassadors and Hibakusha

I was very happy to welcome the crew of Peace Boat, which includes climate youth ambassadors and hibakusha, earlier this week to the Scottish Parliament. The organisation Peace Boat was established in 1983 in Japan and began its first voguage of promoting peace. Currently it is in its final stages of a global tour bringing youth from places already directly affected by climate change. Alongside these ambassadors was hibakusha (suvivor of the US dropping atomic bombs on Japan in 1945). Kimura Tokoku is a suvivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombings and was exposed to the a-bomb at age 10. She lived in Shinchi Town, Nagasaki City (3.6km from the hypocentre) and was with her younger brother and sister when the atomic bomb was dropped. Thirty two years later she began to tell her story, following the beginning of her career as a broadcast annoucer in Japan. In her testimony she speaks of the scene immediately after the atomic bomb was dropped, as well as about her life thereafter, and how the bomb continue to affect future generations. Representatives from the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government were very honoured to hear Ms Kimura's testimony. To find out more about Hibakusha, please visit the following page:

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