Jordanhill P7s Visit Parliament

I was pleased to greet a class of P7s from Jordanhill School who came all the way to Holyrood, Edinburgh, this week to find out about what parliament is and how it works. During a Q&A, I was asked about what the best and worst bits are in working at Parliament, and what I do as an MSP here.

As you may know, I am the Chief Whip of the Scottish Government, which means I make sure that the SNP MSPs vote together on important issues such as when the Government is putting policy and laws into place. I work with the Minister for Parliamentary Business and a team of Whips to do this. The creation of law is a major part of what the Scottish Parliament is all about. The Scottish Government, on the other hand, also works in parallel with this to implement policies throoughout Scotland. This could include education, transportation, internet and health services, to name a few. 

Jordanhill P7s at Parliament

If you are a teacher and would like your school to visit the Scottish Parliament, then feel free to email me directly or you can contact the Education Team. 

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