'The Student' talks Nuclear Ban Treaty

The Student, a newspaper written for students across the UK, has picked up on the seismic changes that have positively swept the old rhetoric of international relations away and has left, in its place, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. 

Read the article here:

What is the treaty?

This Treaty Prohibits the use, retention, proliferation and developing of nuclear weapons among all signing states. Over 50 states have signed this treaty (as of the 20th September) and some have even ratified it, making it legally binding for all States Parties to this treaty. Once signed, a relatively short period of time for disarmament and dismantling of nuclear weapons is established.

This treaty was adopted by the United Nations on the 7th July 2017, with 122 acceding to it. Through this, the majority of the countries in the world have said that they disagree with nuclear weapons under all circumstances. This is a moral argument: the treaty itself is based on the understanding that nuclear weapons need to be discussed under the lens of human rights, with a view to appreciate the gravity of human suffering incurred in the use of this weapon.

Nuclear weapons are Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and are never justifiable. They are indiscriminate and will always effect ordinary citizens physically, psychologically, and from generation to generation due to the high incidence of cancer among survivors. 

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