Living Wage Accreditation- what you should know

The Living Wage is £8.25 in Glasgow. This reflects the real cost of living, and how much is needed on an hourly basis to ensure that your employees have enough to afford rent, transportation and food without being below the poverty line. This amount is independently calculated and is a voluntary rate of pay. To ensure it is accurate, it is recalculated every year.

If you decide to become a Living Wage employer, you will be awarded the Living Wage Employer Mark.

Living Wage

Why might you want this mark?

“This mark is a badge of honour. Displaying it clearly demonstrates to your employees, customers and the public that your organisation is committed to tackling in-work poverty and that you are a responsible employer.”  

Data collected from Living Wage Employers shows

  • 25% fall in absenteeism
  • 66% reported a significant impact on recruitment and retention
  • 70% of employers felt that the Living Wage had increased consumer awareness of their organisations commitment to be an ethical employer.

What are the social reasons for adopting the Living Wage?

For the first time, the majority of people in Scotland who are in poverty are working. This is a clear sign that the minimum wage is not enough. Families in Scotland increasingly have to turn to food banks and get in to unsustainable debt just to get by. Paying a real Living Wage can combat this. Living Wage employees have told us that the Living Wage allows them to access goods and services that most people deem necessary to participate in society. 

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