Bill hosts Hibakusha Guests at the Scottish Parliament

Last week Bill Kidd hosted Yamada Reiko and Ms Yamada Midori at the Scottish Parliament. These women are Hibakusha- 1st and 2nd generation suvivors of the nuclear atomic bombs which hit Hiroshima in August 1945/. They met with MSPs from a variety of different parties and shared their incredibly moving personal stories of what it is like to live through an atomic bomb. You can read about their stories online.


Bill Kidd MSP, Yamada Midori, Yamada Reiko, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish CND campaigners:

hibakusha Nicola Sturgeon

 Find out more about the Nuclear Weapons ban here

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets with Yamada Midori (Left) and Yamada Reiko (Centre) and reaffirms committment to remove Nuclear Weapons from Scotland, if and when this is in the hands of the Scottish Government:

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