Bill Kidd wants better outcome for workers at Scotstoun Yard

MSP Bill Kidd 'disappointed' recommendations from shipbuilding report could cost Scotstoun yard work

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ANNIESLAND MSP Bill Kidd is “disappointed” recommendations from a new Royal Navy shipbuilding review could cost the Clyde yards work.

The review is expected to recommend work on warships should be shared among companies across the UK, just weeks after Scotstoun shipbuilding giant BAE secured a deal to produce eight larger Type 26 frigates next summer.

But Sir John Parker, who carried out the review, has not confirmed where another eight smaller, general purpose Type 31 Frigates will be built there.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “On the Type 31, the new frigate, we want to see that built in the most competitive way, and I think our investigation shows that probably the lowest cost and the fastest time of build can be done by building it in a distributed way across the country and also, of course, distribute prosperity and highly skilled jobs.”

He added that distributing work to several locations reduces the “cycle time of actual construction”.

SNP MSP Bill Kidd said: “While on behalf of the workforce, I think Sir John Parker’s statement that the Type 26 Class Frigates are to be built in what is acknowledged as the UK centre of excellence the River Clyde yards is no more than the workers deserve, I am disappointed the modular approach to the Type 31E will mean that in the longer term Westminster’s need to pander to political pressure could cost the Clyde yards, or even Rosyth for that matter, further security.”

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