Scots Pensioners Losing Out

Breakdown by local authority shows pensioners receiving less than UK.

Figures showing Lifetime State Pensions Value by each local authority have revealed exactly how much Scottish pensioners are losing out compared to their peers with the same entitlement south of the Border.

In 2010-12, men and women from Glasgow City had the lowest life expectancy in Scotland and the UK. Assuming an entitlement of £160 per week, a 65 year old man from Glasgow City can expect his state pension lifetime value to be £29,000 less than if they had the male life expectancy of the UK and £50,000 less than Harrow, which has the highest life expectancy at 65 in the rest of the UK.

In 11 local authorities both male and female pensioners are losing out by more than £10,000 on average.
Cabinet Secretary for Pensioner's Rights Shona Robison said: "If we compare my own city of Dundee. Men there receive on average £18,000 less than the wealthiest parts of the UK, while women receive £15,000 less.

"The differences are stark across Scotland. It is very is clear from all this work that the UK state pension age is not based on Scottish circumstances – it's unfair to Scots who are not receiving a fair reward for a lifetime's work.

"The UK plan to speed up the increase of the state pension age to 67 by eight years from the original timetable set out by the previous Labour Government will only make this situation worse.

"That's why the Scottish Government has committed to setting up an independent commission to consider the state pension age. The commission will consider fairness, life expectancy, affordability, and equality issues in the round and reach a decision that genuinely suits Scotland's circumstances.

"Life expectancy is improving in Scotland due to measures such as free prescriptions, the smoking ban, and reducing alcohol consumption but progress will take time. In the meantime I don't want any of our pensioners to be disadvantaged."

Last month, the Scottish Government published research showing that, because of lower life expectancy, people with identical state pension entitlement but with lower average life expectancy would receive substantially less over a lifetime in Scotland than in the UK.

A 65-year-old woman entitled to a total pension of £160 per week could expect to get around £11,000 less in Scotland and a man £10,000 less.

Life expectancy in all four UK countries has risen since 1980 with Scottish life expectancy now at its highest ever level. However males and females in Scotland can still expect to live shorter lives than those in England (on average males have 2.5 years less life expectancy at birth and females 2.1 years less.)

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