Bill Kidd MSP appalled at nuclear convoy in Glasgow

Bill Kidd MSP has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament condemning the act of a nuclear convoy driving through Glasgow in the early hours of Wednesday morning.





Motion Number: S4M-08888

Lodged By: Bill Kidd
Date Lodged: 29/01/2014

Title: Nuclear Weapons Driven Through Glasgow

Motion Text:
That the Parliament notes with grave concern what it believes is the regular transportation of nuclear weapons on roads throughout Scotland; understands that, in the early hours of the morning of 29 January 2014, a 19-vehicle convoy, which was transporting nuclear weapons from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire to Coulport on Loch Long, used the M74 to drive through Glasgow; further understands that such convoys do not carry radiation warning symbols and neither the public nor the local authority areas that they pass through are warned about the material being transported; believes that the majority of the people of Glasgow and Scotland remain opposed to the UK Government's policy of maintaining and upgrading the Trident system, and hopes that public awareness of what it sees as this ongoing and dangerous practice will strengthen the calls to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons once and for all.


Commenting, Bill Kidd said:

“This practice is deeply worrying and poses an unacceptable risk to the people of Glasgow. The idea that weapons of mass destruction are being transported through our city while we sleep is absolutely chilling.

“I would urge Glasgow MSPs of all parties to join with the Scottish CND in supporting the motion in the Scottish Parliament condemning the practice, and make clear that Glaswegians should not be put in danger like this.

“The people of Glasgow and Scotland have made clear our opposition to nuclear weapons being based on the Clyde, but Westminster remains committed wasting up to £100bn on a new generation. It is only with independence we can make sure that these immoral weapons are removed from Scotland for good.”

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