Bill Kidd MSP condemns LibDem's nuclear support

Bill Kidd MSP has condemned the LibDems for performing a controversial U-turn on their opposition to new nuclear energy at their UK Conference in Glasgow today.



Despite vowing to keep the coalition on track to be the “greenest government ever” the LibDems today voted to support nuclear power.

Although the coalition agreement promised there would be no public funds for new nuclear, public money has been channelled by the Westminster Government towards companies involved in the nuclear industry and Westminster’s Energy Bill is set to provide nuclear subsidies through customer energy bills.

Commenting, Mr Kidd said:

“Nuclear energy is not wanted nor needed in Scotland, so with this vote the LibDems have reinforced the fact that they could scarcely be more out of step with the priorities of people in Scotland if they tried.

“During their time in office the LibDems have become the party of U-turns and broken promises, and true to form they’ve scrapped another pledge at their conference today.

“Having consistently set out their stall opposing new nuclear energy, they now back plans for a new generation of the horrendously expensive white elephants.

“Backing new nuclear energy can only be done at appalling cost and at the expense of renewable energy – the last thing that Scotland needs if we are to fully harness our enormous renewables potential.

“It is no wonder that a recent opinion poll found that people in Scotland gave Nick Clegg an approval rating of -53% - compared to Alex Salmond’s rating of +11%.

“After previous betrayals on issues like tuition fees south of the border, the LibDems only have themselves to blame for becoming a party that people simply cannot trust.”

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