D60: Drumchapel's 60th Birthday

Bill was pleased to join Drumchapel residents in marking the neighbourhood's diamond anniversary. D60, formed in partnership with Focal Point Daycare Centre and the G15 Youth Project, has organised community events all year to celebrate the anniversary, culminating in this main event at Drumchapel Park.




 Bill said: 

"I have had the privilege of attending a number of the events put on by D60 this year and really cannot praise the organisers enough for bringing the community together in celebration of 60 years of Drumchapel.

"It was a fantastic turnout at Drumchapel Park and I trust that these celebrations will continue as Drumchapel continues to grow and serve generations to come."

Bill with Elizabeth Docherty of Focal Point Daycare Centre and Liam Gangel of the G15 Youth Project

Bill helping Karen Mack of Camstradden PTA

Bill with Joyce Bell, Project Co-ordinator of the G15 Youth Project

Bill with Sandra McNaughton, Manager of Focal Point Daycare Centre


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