Bill Kidd MSP welcomes backing for Royal Mail in Glasgow Anniesland

MSP for Glasgow Anniesland Bill Kidd has welcomed a ‘strong and positive’ response from people in Glasgow Anniesland for the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) ‘Save Our Royal Mail’ campaign.



Trade union members were out on Saturday getting support from the public for the campaign and a number of constituents have written to Mr Kidd registering their support.

Local MSP Mr Kidd said:

“Issues around the Royal Mail and Post Offices have always generated huge support in Glasgow Anniesland and the CWU’s campaign against the UK Government’s privatisation plans for Royal Mail is no different.

“There are few voices in Glasgow backing privatisation of this vital public service, which is so important to all of our communities, where the universal service provided by Royal Mail is so important in keeping postage affordable and keeping our businesses competitive.

“I, and the rest of the SNP, oppose privatisation of Royal Mail and we raise this issue repeatedly and often. The huge support from the public for Royal Mail as a publicly owned organisation is very clear and the volume of response to the CWU’s campaign puts further pressure on the Government.

“I sincerely hope that UK Ministers will rethink their plans on this, which is yet another example of where a Yes vote in 2014 for an Independent Scotland would give us the power to take a different road to Westminster on the future of this important public service.”

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