MSP calls for raided charity funding to be returned

Charities being short-changed as Westminster fails to deliver 

Reports that the Westminster government will give the Treasury a cash bonus because of an underspend in the 2012 Olympic budget instead of paying it back to charities as originally thought are being condemned by a local MSP.




MSP for Glasgow Anniesland Bill Kidd lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday calling on the UK Government to return the £425 million that was taken from the Big Lottery Fund to pay for infrastructure and stadium developments in London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

It was revealed this week that the underspend on the Olympic Games has fallen from a £377 million projection in October to now £528 million in unused cash.

Commenting, Mr Kidd said:

“It is despicable that this money is going to the Treasury coffers in Westminster instead of to the charities that desperately need it - Westminster should give it back to hard pressed charities struggling to cope. Charities and community groups were hit hard when the Big Lottery Fund was raided to the tune of £425 million to pay for infrastructure and stadium developments for the 2012 London Olympics. They took a hit then, and they should be at the front of the queue now that there is more than enough cash available to give back.

“Rather than helping George Osborne out of a hole with his failed austerity programme, this money should all go to charities and community groups struggling for funding. I’ve lodged this motion in the Scottish Parliament to raise awareness to Westminster’s dirty tricks and am calling for everyone to get behind the Big Lottery Refund Campaign to show the UK Government that our charities deserve this money back.”

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