Bag It and Bin It says Bill Kidd MSP

Following complaints in the Knightswood area about dog fouling on pavements – in Fulwood Avenue, Dunwan Avenue, Dyke Road, Carlibar Avenue, Kelso Street, Colmonell Avenue, and particularly around Garscadden Primary – Bill has contacted Environmental Health about the situation.

 Following Bill’s intervention, Cleansing Services have conducted a bin survey, and additional bins have been requested, to be sited at the locations concerned. Additionally arrangements have been made to put in place ‘no dog fouling’ signs.

Bill says:

"Hopefully the small minority of dog owners, who have previously let their dogs foul on the pavement, will take notice of the signs, and make full use of the new bins that are being made available in the area

"Everyone should be able to be able to walk on pavements clear of dog fouling. I welcome the increase in both bins and signage."

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