Bill Kidd welcomes Independence Referendum Date

Bill welcomed the news today that the Independence Referendum date has been set for 18 September 2014.

He further lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament commemorating this historic event.


Bill said:

"On 18 September 2014, you and I, the people of Scotland, will vote to determine our country’s future. It will be a historic day, and one on which this great nation decides its place in the world.

"Today begins the countdown to the day we get to decide our own destiny, and I look forward to making the case for voting yes in 547 days to ensure the best possible future for all of us living in Scotland now and in generations to come."

Motion Text:
That the Parliament welcomes the announcement that the Scottish independence referendum vote is set for 18 September 2014; understands that it is a historic and momentous occasion for the Scottish people; anticipates a positive discussion to follow this announcement regarding the future of what it sees as this great nation, and supports the Scottish people and their democratic right to participate in this vote for independence.

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