Bill Kidd MSP Switching Off For WWF’S Earth Hour

Bill Kidd MSP is lending his support to WWF’s Earth Hour on 23 March by switching off the lights and celebrating the power of the planet.

As lights are being switched off across the world, WWF is encouraging people to think about the kind of energy we use, and where it comes from. By celebrating the power of our planet through renewable resources such as wave, solar, and wind, MSPs are pledging their support for clean, green, renewable energy as part of our efforts to tackle climate change.

Bill Kidd MSP is urging constituents, local businesses and organisations in Anniesland to join them, and thousands of others across Scotland by switching off at 8.30pm on Saturday 23 March, to show support for action against the impacts of climate change on people and wildlife.

In 2012 a record 152 countries and territories and 6,895 towns and cities took part for the biggest call to action for the protection of the planet. In Scotland, Earth Hour proved to be yet another successful year, with thousands of supporters switching off their lights and communities across Scotland hosting a variety of events. All 32 local authorities got involved, with 14 achieving our ‘super local authority’ status.

Some of world’s most recognisable landmarks went dark including the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower. In Scotland over 800 schools joined hundreds of businesses, organisations and community groups for the big switch off.

To join the growing community of people supporting Earth Hour, visit: http://www.wwfscotland.org.uk/earthhour

Bill Kidd MSP says:

“I commend the work the WWF is doing to promote consciousness about energy usage through their promotion of Earth Hour. On Saturday March 23rd at 8:30pm, I am encouraging all of my constituents to join me in switching off for Earth Hour. The Scottish Government is doing all it can to promote a clean and green country and we as individual citizens need to do our part and be conscious of the energy we use.”

Lang Banks, Director of WWF Scotland said:

“WWF’s Earth Hour is a simple way for people to show their support for strong action on climate change. This year, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for people to celebrate the natural power of our planet by backing the move toward more clean, renewable energy. Governments around the world are making decisions now that will shape the way we power our planet for decades to come.

“We’re pleased that so many MSPs support WWF’s Earth Hour, it’s an important sign that our politicians are committed to tackling climate change and helping people reduce their impact on the planet. As well as politicians, business and local authorities, we hope lots of individuals and community groups feel inspired to take part too.”


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