Bill Kidd MSP calls for fairer assessment of proposed First Bus changes in Glasgow

Bill Kidd MSP has today welcomed the decision by First Bus to extend the public consultation period on their proposed overhaul of its services for another five days but cautions that this still leaves little time for all members of the public to have their say.

Yesterday, on the eve of the original consultation closing date, Mr Kidd wrote to both First Bus and SPT to outline his concerns about how the proposed changes and how they are being introduced will affect his constituents in Anniesland and bus users across Glasgow. 

 These concerns included the limited time allocated to consulting the public, leaving little time for representative bodies in the city, such as local community councils and interest groups, the opportunity to fully examine and comment on the changes.

Commenting, Mr Kidd said:

 “I am pleased to hear that First Bus has heeded the calls of the public to allow them more time to contribute their views on the changes, but five extra days is a poor substitute for the proper consultation people deserve, considering the impact these changes will have on public transport in the city.

“First Bus appears to be rushing a proposal, which they admit will see a 1% cutback to its overall services, without allowing community members and groups adequate time to assess the impact this will have on service provision in their area of the city.

“I have discovered several issues that will arise from the changes in Anniesland and have written to First Bus, SPT and now Transport Scotland for comment on how these changes can be mitigated.

“While it is encouraging to see that First Bus has one ear open to what the public has to say, I urge all members of the community to use these extra days to make sure their views on these drastic service changes are taken into account.”

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