MSP warns of threat faced by veterans in Anniesland

With the UK Government carrying out widespread cuts to military personnel, many members of the armed forces are facing the prospect of a sudden return to civilian life. The imposition of the bedroom tax and other welfare changes threatens to make it far more difficult for those leaving the armed forces to adjust successfully to being civilians.

 Bill Kidd has written to Lord Ashcroft, the Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Veterans’ Transition seeking answers over what action the UK Government will take to support veterans who are about to be hit by Westminster’s welfare changes.



 Many families who have a spare room that would be used by a family member serving in the armed forces are facing financial penalties if they do not find a way to move to a smaller property or take in a lodger, creating real obstacles for veterans returning to their families.

Commenting, MSP Bill Kidd said:

“Westminster’s bedroom tax is already set to hit thousands of people, but it is shocking that veterans are one group that is likely to be particularly affected.

“There are unique problems for veterans that are being created by the actions the Westminster Government are taking and they need to have the responsibility to recognise this fact.

“The Scottish Government, charities and local authorities are doing what they can to support veterans, but the Westminster Government needs to accept that it must play its part.

“People leaving the armed forces should rightly expect to be welcomed back into civilian life, not to have the Westminster Government do its best to undermine them often after having cost them their job in the first place.

“People in Anniesland will rightly want to know what is being done to help veterans return to this community and I am urgently seeking answers on their behalf.”

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