Campaigning anti-nuclear MSP speaks at conference in France

Bill Kidd MSPBill Kidd MSP will today speak at the French Assembly at a conference on nuclear disarmament aiming to highlight the advantages of Scotland’s anti-nuclear position.

Mr Kidd, a member of the Council of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, will be joined by; former French Defence Minister, Paul Quiles; Former French Chief of Staff (under both Chirac and Rocard), General Bernard Norlain; and Vice President of the French Assembly, Denis Baupin.

He will be speaking about the Scottish experience of how a majority of Scottish  parliamentarians are firmly against WMD and how only independence can deliver a nuclear free Scotland.

The MSP for Glasgow Anniesland said: "It is a pleasure to be speaking here in France on the issue of nuclear disarmament as I believe this conference is a sign that even a country which is one of the P5, nuclear weapons states, is now looking seriously at the prospect of genuine reductions in its nuclear arsenal.

"The Scottish Government has plans to ensure the removal of Trident from our land and waters on achieving independence and the signs are that at long last Europe is heading towards a safer future, one without the huge costs and inherent dangers of nuclear deterrence.

“Trident is not wanted in Scotland, and never has been – the vast majority of MSPs, as well as the churches, trade unions, and civic society across the nation totally oppose Trident nuclear weapons being based in Scotland - yet the Westminster system is proposing to waste £100 billion dumping another generation of Trident nuclear weapons on the River Clyde.

“With independence, we can ensure that Scotland's share of the money wasted on Trident is diverted to building a stronger and fairer society.”

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