Motion S5M-20717: Maggie's Glasgow

That the Parliament recognises the work of Maggie’s Glasgow Centre in providing holistic support to people living with cancer; notes that 4 February 2020 is World Cancer Day, and that the Centre is hosting an event to mark this day that will offer the opportunity to discuss living with cancer and work; highlights that Maggie's Glasgow provides free workshops, classes and events most days of the week, and advice on wider matters relating to life with cancer; notes for example that this support has helped one of its service users, Nikki, to secure part-time work, when she was previously at risk of dismissal due to her condition; commends the workers and volunteers at Maggie’s Centres across Scotland for their life-changing work, and wishes them well with this.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Stuart McMillan, Monica Lennon, Kenneth Gibson, Mark McDonald, Richard Lyle, Rona Mackay, Stewart Stevenson, Sandra White, Annie Wells, Gillian Martin, Jenny Gilruth, Gil Paterson, Jeremy Balfour, Joan McAlpine, Clare Adamson, John Mason, David Torrance

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