S5M-12912: Bertha Von Suttner's 175th Birthday

That the Parliament recognises the 175th birthday of Bertha Von Suttner, the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize; notes that she was instrumental in convincing Andrew Carnegie to build the Peace Palace in the Hague, which houses the ICA and International Court of Justice; commends the Bertha Von Suttner Peace Institute for “bringing Bertha to life” through the actor and historian, Anita Zieher, and hopes that Ms Zieher’s performance will bring attention to the life and accomplishments of Von Suttner, who advocated for peace and disarmament until her death in 1914.

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Jenny Gilruth, Christina McKelvie, Fulton MacGregor, Joan McAlpine, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Ash Denham, Clare Haughey, Alison Johnstone, Ivan McKee, David Torrance, John Finnie, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin

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