S5M-12485: The Dream Turns 18


That the Parliament congratulates the Symphony of Dreams charitable trust on turning 18 on 17 May 2018; commends the charity for bringing music lessons and instruments to hospitals, hospices and schools and endeavouring to bring music into the lives of those who are disadvantaged; further congratulates the founder of this wonderful charity, L A McConnell, on being appointed an MBE in June 2017, and the charity on winning The Queen’s Jubilee Award for Voluntary Services in 2013, and wishes the Symphony of Dreams charitable trust all the best in its future endeavours.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, James Dornan, Graeme Dey, Ash Denham, Stewart Stevenson, Joan McAlpine, Rachael Hamilton, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, Clare Haughey, Bob Doris, Ben Macpherson, Colin Beattie, Alexander Burnett, Gillian Martin, Gil Paterson

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