S5M-05567: Erik Flack, Drumchapel Tennis Club

That the Parliament congratulates Eric Flack, president and coach at the Drumchapel Tennis Club, on being awarded the prestigious Coach of the Year title by Tennis for Free; commends Eric for his years of service to coaching tennis and continuation as a coach at the age of 76; notes that he began coaching tennis 1969 and has been president at Drumchapel Tennis Club since 1972, and recognises the positive impact that Eric has had on the community by bringing people of all ages together and encouraging them to play tennis.

Supported by: James Dornan, Ruth Maguire, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Ben Macpherson, Ash Denham, Clare Haughey, Kenneth Gibson, Graeme Dey, Stuart McMillan, Tom Arthur, Colin Beattie, Fulton MacGregor, Jackson Carlaw, Ivan McKee, Neil Findlay

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