S4M-10561: World Cup for Disarmament 2014 Winners

That the Parliament congratulates Costa Rica and Mexico on winning the World Cup for Disarmament 2014, which it understands is a competition of the most relevant disarmament and control arms treaties as well as the countries' position in relation to the abolition of nuclear weapons, as classified by Fundi Pau, the Foundation for Peace, an NGO whose aims promote the required changes to enable the eradication of violence between people and cultures; appreciates the commitment by these countries to work toward achieving global security; warmly welcomes the two countries leading the way for others that have participated in the World Cup and have signed and ratified treaties on disarmament and arms control currently in force, as well as those that support the elimination of nuclear weapons; welcomes the work of Fundi Pau for its work and research to promote nuclear disarmament, and wishes both Costa Rica and Mexico, as well as Fundi Pau, the very best of luck in continuing their work striving for a nuclear weapons-free world.

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