S4M-10432: Mrs Janette Belcher, Head Teacher of Whiteinch Nursery School

That the Parliament marks the retirement of Mrs Janette Belcher, the head teacher of Whiteinch Nursery School, after 39 years’ service; understands that she entered teaching in 1979, becoming a teacher in Lilybank Primary School, where she was a home visiting teacher, before moving on to Lyoncross Primary School, where she realised the value of pre-school education and how it had such a positive impact on the future lives and expectations of her pupils; understands that she moved to Sighthill Nursery to become a nursery teacher before becoming the head teacher in Whiteinch Nursery School in January 2001; considers that Janette and her husband, David, and daughters, Lauren and Natalie, who are both also in primary teaching, are very much looking forward to her last school day on 25 June 2014 and her official retirement on 11 August; thanks Janette for her service and dedication, and wishes her and her family a very long and happy future.

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