S4M-9361: Dr Alec F Gaines

That the Parliament mourns the loss of Dr Alec F Gaines, who died on 5 March 2014, aged 83; admires what it sees as the great work that he did in making the world a better place through his tireless efforts campaigning for nuclear disarmament; acknowledges what it considers his great work as the secretary of the United Nations Association (UNA) Branch in Edinburgh and as convenor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Working Group; notes the good relations that he fostered with Iran through hosting conferences with his counterparts in UNA Tehran, focussing mainly on nuclear disarmament issues; considers that Alec's comprehensive work with UNA Edinburgh helped to bring students from Iran to the annual Model UN General Assembly at George Watsons College in Edinburgh; remembers the conferences that he held all over the world, including the A Middle East Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction conference that was held in the Scottish Parliament, and hopes that his dedication and conviction will serve as a lasting legacy that will one day accomplish his lifetime ambition of seeing a nuclear free world.

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