S4M-07834: The Day the World Nearly Ended

That the Parliament recognises the 30th anniversary of "The Day the World Nearly Ended" on 26 September 1983; commends Colonel Stanislav Petrov for what it considers his wise thinking and rationality during a time of such chaos and fear; notes that, had Colonel Petrov followed protocol 30 years ago when Russian satellite surveillance systems detected what looked like six US missiles headed toward Moscow, the world could have witnessed nuclear annihilation; happily, notes that the world did not end 30 years ago today because Colonel Petrov happened to have been on watch that night and made the decision not to fire nuclear weapons at the United States, and considers that, as people celebrate the actions of Colonel Petrov, they must also remind themselves that nuclear weapons are not foolproof, mistakes are made and the results of what can be small mistakes, such as seeing red lights flashing on a cold September night, could destroy the world.

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