S4M-07303: Big Lottery Refund Campaign

That the Parliament notes with concern reports that, despite a fall in the projected cost of the 2012 Olympic Games, the UK Government has no plans to return the Big Lottery funding that it considers was raided in order to pay for the Games; understands that the UK Minister of State for Sport and Tourism, Hugh Robertson, revealed in a written statement to the UK Parliament that the projected costs of the Games had fallen a further £151 million from the underspend projected in October 2012 to £528 million; believes that this is a huge underspend but that, despite this, the UK Government has no plans to repay the £425 million that was taken in the build-up to the Olympics to help pay for stadia and infrastructure in London; believes that this leftover cash would be better spent by the Big Lottery Fund in communities than returned to the Treasury in what it sees as a political attempt to bring down the headline UK deficit figure; commends the work of the Directory of Social Change on setting up the Big Lottery Refund Campaign to address what it considers this injustice, and calls on the UK Government to return the £425 million that was not spent on the Olympic Games to the Big Lottery Fund and the charities and community groups that benefit from the fund.

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