S4M-06189: Glasgow 2015 European Green Capital Finalist

That the Parliament warmly welcomes the news that Glasgow has been shortlisted as a finalist to be named European Green Capital in 2015; understands that Glasgow is one of just four to have reached the final stage of selection, together with Bristol, Brussels and the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana; notes that the final judging will take place following a presentation by each finalist in Brussels on 24 May 2013, with the winner announced in Nantes, the current capital, in June 2013; further understands that the city’s place on the shortlist is a result of scoring well in its bid assessment, which was judged against 12 key environmental themes, including innovation and sustainable employment, energy performance, water consumption, waste water treatment and climate change; notes that both Glasgow and Bristol are competing to become the first UK city to hold the title; congratulates all of those involved in making Glasgow’s European Green Capital Award 2015 bid successful so far, and encourages everyone to get behind and support this bid for Glasgow to be recognised as a global leader in renewable technology and sustainable development.

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