S4M-06269: Leak of Nuclear Reactor on Board HMS Tireless

That the Parliament notes with concern the implications of the incident involving the Royal Navy's nuclear-powered submarine, HMS Tireless; recognises that HMS Tireless reportedly experienced a leak from its reactor cooling system during an exercise off the west coast of Scotland in early February 2013; understands that HMS Tireless was launched in 1984 and is close to the end of its life, having experienced a number of damages in use, including when it was stranded in Gibraltar for 12 months in May 2000 due to cracks in pipe work of the reactor cooling system; believes that a recent policy briefing on the subject compiled by Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) rightly points out the questionable judgment demonstrated by the UK Government in allowing the damaged submarine to remain operational and further moving the leaking submarine to Devonport following this most recent incident rather than the nearer Faslane despite the risks that this posed; questions the level of risk analysis conducted before these actions were taken and what precautions were taken to militate against any identified risks; agrees with the NFLA's view that the movement of the damaged HMS Tireless falls within the definition of a dangerous experiment, posing potential dangers to coastal waters and populations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Wales and England, and calls on the UK Government to listen to the will of the Scottish people and like-minded individuals across these isles to make the UK a nuclear-free zone.

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