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Join the Stem Cell Register to Become a Potential Lifesaver


Bill with the Anthony Nolan Trust and SFRS team. 

"I was delighted to host the Anthony Nolan Trust and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service this September, in the Scottish Parliament to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

We celebrated the 1026 potential lifesavers in Glasgow Anniesland, who are signed up to the lifesaving register.

I encourage more people from Glasgow Anniesland, particularly men aged 16-30 and people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, to register as stem cell donors and make sure that a match is available for everyone in need of a transplant. While anyone on the register could be a match for someone with blood cancer, men aged 16-30 are most likely to be asked to donate. They provide more than 50% of donations yet make up just 18% of the register."

Find out more about how to join the register, and how to potentially save a life here:…/donate…/who-can-join-register.

Karipbek Kuyukov

Today, I had the honour of hosting Karipbek Kuyukov at the Scottish Parliament to unveil his latest artwork.

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Karipbek was born in a small village, just 100 km from where the Soviet Union conducted more than 450 nuclear weapons tests. Those tests exposed his parents to radiation and resulted in Karipbek being born without arms. He has overcome many obstacles to become an anti-nuclear weapons activist and renowned artist whose works have been shown around the world.

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Today, Karipbek often paints portraits of the victims of nuclear testing with his mouth or feet and, as honorary Ambassador to The ATOM Project, speaks out against nuclear weapons at conferences and events held in such places as the United Nations and the United States Congress.

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Wear it Pink 2019


Today I met Breast Cancer Now Scotland and some of the people they support to learn more about breast cancer. 

There are an estimated 4,500 people living with secondary breast cancer in Scotland, and approximately 35,000 people living with secondary breast cancer in the UK. On average, they live for 2-3 years with the disease. 

In our consitutency, we lose an average 206 women to breast cancer each year. It is vital that we help people living with secondary breast cancer receive the support and treatment that they require. 

Last year, Breast Cancer Now Scotland raised £138,804.94. We can raise more this year-- find out more at



Today marks the start of Suicide Prevention Week 2019 (9-15 September) and we here at the office of Bill Kidd MSP are pleased to support it.  We believe that working together helps prevent suicide and this is a week in which all organisations can highlight what they are doing to make that happen.

In 2018 there were 784 deaths by suicide in Scotland, and each death can impact up to 135 people. Suicide affects us all, therefore suicide prevention is everyone’s business.

Gerry McLaughlin, NHS Health Scotland Chief Executive, said:

“The theme of this year’s Suicide Prevention Week, working together to help prevent suicide, is a reminder that we can all save a life by talking openly and asking someone if they are thinking about suicide if we are worried about them.

“Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan aims to reduce suicide by 20% by 2022.  One of the actions focussed on achieving this is the commitment for all NHS staff to receive mandatory mental health and suicide prevention training.

“And so, together with our colleagues in NHS Education for Scotland (NES), we have developed 3 short animations designed to help the whole NHS workforce support mental health and prevent suicide.

“We know that people thinking about suicide do not want to die - they want to end the pain they are in. Talking openly and compassionately about suicide therefore reduces the risk of death.  We are committed to playing our part in reducing the tragic and preventable deaths by suicide in Scotland.”

Stand Up for Nature Pledge

Today Bill Kidd MSP signed the 'Stand Up for Nature Pledge.' 

Stand up for Nature pledge

“The joint emergencies of rapid biodiversity loss and climate breakdown require transformative action. As a member of the Scottish Parliament, I pledge to stand up for nature.

“I will do everything in my power to ensure Scotland’s natural environment has strong and effective protection, alongside ambitious targets for its recovery and enhancement. When 1 in 11 species in Scotland is at risk of extinction, these measures are vital, whatever our future relationship with the European Union.”

In Scotland, 1 in 11 species is at risk of extinction. Our environment is affected by global challenges: climate change, pollution, the spread of invasive species, and unstainable land and sea use practices.

But we still have a window of opportunity to restore the health of our nature, as the IPBES Global Assessment highlighted. To do that we need strong laws and effective implementation of environmental protections. As the First Minister has said, we need to ‘ensure that our actions produce the transformative change that is needed’. She also said, ‘On biodiversity targets, Scotland has more to do, just as all countries have more to do’. 

Scotland has an important role to play and must lead by example. As a small nation we can drive progressive change through innovative policies. But even more importantly our nature is of global significance, making us custodians of some of our planet’s most valuable assets. For example, a third of Europe’s breeding seabirds are found in Scotland, while the Flow Country has 5% of the world’s resource of blanket bog, critical for carbon sequestration.

 You can find out more here: | |

Bill Kidd MSP


Bill is MSP for Glasgow Anniesland. 

His major political interests are the development of policies to eradicate poverty, job creation, housing policy and an end to the nuclear power and weapons programmes of successive British Governments.

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