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Drumchapel Citizens Advice Bureau ‘Help To Claim’ Universal Credit Service

Help To Claim UC local flyer


The Citizens Advice ‘Help To Claim’ Universal Credit service will be on hand to assist people either in person at their local  Citizens Advice office or over the phone and also web-chat. They can help with simple quick questions as you complete your claim online. Or provide internet access in their local bureau offices or signpost to other services that provide access like local libraries and Job Centre offices.

More practical support like setting up an email account, accessing a bank account and working through the claim ‘to-do’ lists is also available. Help and support can be accessed right through until the first Universal Credit payment; advice on available financial support and preparing for the appointment with a work coach at the local Job Centre. Lastly the documentary evidence needed to complete a claim can be checked for suitability.

A multi-channeled approach has been set up to enable people to access support in a way that’s right for them. Either through their local Citizens Advice Bureau to gain face-to-face assistance, by contacting the Help To Claim Universal Credit telephone number: 0800-0232-581 or the web chat accessed from the Citizens Advice Scotland website; Monday to Friday 8am-6pm. All channels are free, independent, confidential and impartial. I’ve included a link to the Citizens Advice Help To Claim webpage below.

World Blood Donor Day

I am supporting SNBTS and #WorldBloodDonorDay. Every time you give blood, you can save or improve the lives of up to three people. If you’ve given blood in the last year, here’s a huge Thank You!

If you want to register to give blood, you can do so here: 

World Blood Donor Day

Scottish Stone Group at the Scottish Parliament

My PA and I had a great time learning about Scottish stone and how to cut slate in the traditional method! Many thanks to the Scottish Traditional Building Forum and The Scottish Stone Group, amongst others, for preserving Scotland's building traditions and skills-base.



STBF Parliament 19 562


World Ovarian Cancer Day-8th May

Members of the Scottish Parliament united after First Minister's Questions today to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, in support of a charity campaign marking World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD). 

Scottish photocall roses

This event was part of Ovarian Cancer Action’s UK-wide campaign to promote ovarian cancer symptoms awareness. The charity handed out 33,000 roses in cities across the UK with symptoms card attached, representing the number of women currently living with the disease in the UK.


Hibakusha Appeal signed by all SNP MSPs

Bill Kidd MSP has led support in the Scottish Parliament for the international Hibakusha Appeal. This appeal calls on State Governments to adopt the United Nations nuclear weapons ban on humanitarian grounds. So far, 9.4 million people around the world have signed the petition. Follow this link to sign the petition online. Following Bill's circulation of the Appeal, every SNP MSP in the Scottish Parliament has now signed this appeal, inlcuding the First Minister who signed the Appeal in 2017. This movement runs in parallel with ongoing talks at the United Nations Headquarters where representatives of nuclear power states meet to discuss next year’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference. 

First Minister Yamada Reiko and Yamada Midori

In March 2016 representatives Yamada Reiko and Yamada Midori, survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, met with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to share their experiences. During this visit, the First Minister signed the Appeal.

‘Hibakusha’ is a Japanese word for the group of people that survived atomic bombs. In 1945 at the end of World War II, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima and then, three days later, on the city of Nagasaki. These two atomic nuclear bombs killed tens of thousands instantly. Within the first few months 214,000 people, the majority of whom were women and children, died. Many more passed away in the following months and years due to radiation-related illnesses and poisoning. Second generation Hibakusha are also at higher risk of developing radiation related illnesses, like many forms of cancer. This severe humanitarian cost is why it is so important that we say ‘No’ to nuclear weapons.

Bill Kidd MSP for Glasgow Anniesland said, “This growing support for the Hibakusha Appeal, where there is now over 9.4 million signatures, shows that people from all walks of life are deeply concerned that the atrocities seen in 1945 and subsequent nuclear bomb testing is not repeated. The SNP is committed to removing nuclear weapons from Scotland- we want to ensure a better, brighter future. We often think of nuclear weapons as a potential atrocity, but not as a horror that was lived. The testimonies of the Hibakusha show the dark reality of nuclear weapons. I would encourage all to consider signing this Appeal.” 


Bill Kidd MSP


Bill is MSP for Glasgow Anniesland. 

His major political interests are the development of policies to eradicate poverty, job creation, housing policy and an end to the nuclear power and weapons programmes of successive British Governments.

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