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WH Malcolm Appeal Rejected

'Whiteinch WH Malcolm gasification plant gets final rejection' Clydebank Post Article Extract 

"Opponents of a controversial plant to 'gasify' waste in Whiteinch have delcared victory as the plans were rejected after a five-year wait."

The plans included building a 230 foot chimney. There were many concerns voiced by the local community and Bill Kidd MSP, including the impact of fumes and heavy traffic flow on the health of the local community, the lack of a credible Community Heating programme and on environmental grounds. The significant community action was supported by Bill Kidd MSP throughout the current session in the Scottish Parliament- from 2016 to 2021- who made repeated representations to the Scottish Government during this slow legal process on behalf of local residents and community groups. 

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Updated Scottish Government Women’s Health Plan

An important update on Scottish Government plans to improve support for women's health in Scotland was issued this week in response to a question from my fellow parliamentarian, Gillian Martin.

Gillian Martin (Aberdeenshire East) (Scottish National Party): To ask the Scottish Government what progress is being made with the Programme for Government commitment to the development of a Women’s Health Plan.


Clare HaugheyThe Scottish Government is making good progress with the development of a Women’s Health Plan. The aim of the plan is to reduce women’s health inequalities by raising awareness around women's health and improving access to healthcare for women throughout life. The present Government plans for it to be published later in 2021. 

The Scottish Government has made progress to implement early actions in advance of publication, to improve information and support for women. A priority of the plan is to improve access for women to appropriate support, speedy diagnosis and best treatment for endometriosis. In 2020-21 the Scottish Government has invested £25,000 in work being led by Endometriosis UK to inform how reduction in diagnosis time can be achieved including timeframes and targets. An endometriosis collaborative forum has been established to support policy development in this area and members of the forum include representatives from patient support groups. Third sector representatives and clinicians have also helped to review NHS Inform pages relating to endometriosis. The pages have recently been updated to ensure information is accurate, accessible and supportive.

A Menopause Specialists Network has been established and is meeting regularly online. The Network is supporting primary care teams, by providing access to a menopause specialist for advice, support, onward referral, leadership and training. 

In addition, work has begun to develop a comprehensive women’s health information platform on NHS Inform and two women’s health information campaigns have been launched on the NHS Inform website, one in relation to women’s general health throughout different life stages. The second campaign, launched in February to mark heart health awareness month, aimed to raise awareness of importance of heart health for women and encouraged women to know the signs and symptoms of heart attack, heart disease in pregnancy and other heart conditions which predominantly affect women.

Support for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Bill Kidd MSP: "I am supporting Jo Trust's manifesto on cervical cancer, and their vision of a day where cervical cancer is a thing of the past.

They have identified four key priorities to reduce the impact of cervical cancer in Scotland, which I fully support."

1. Adopting the World Health Organisation's Global Strategy to Accelerate he Elimination of Cervical Cancer

2. School children's HPV vaccine

3. Acceleration of HPV self-sampling research

4. Greater physical and psychological support for cancer patients, and faster referrals for those presenting with symptoms of long-term effects

Apply for the School Age Payment before Sunday deadline

Bill Kidd MSP encourages eligible families with five year olds to apply for the School Age Payment before the Sunday 28th February Deadline.

This applies to parents who have deferred their child’s entry to school from August 2020 to August 2021, and to parents who are home schooling their children. This grant can be used for things like clothes, books and home-schooling materials, or anything else you need for your child. Additionally, parents who weren’t eligible when the payment opened in June but whose circumstances have changed may now be eligible for this money. 

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Eligible people can also apply for the new Scottish Child Payment at the same time - this is an extra £40 every 4 weeks for children under 6.

 Check your eligibility and apply here: https://www.mygov.scot/best-start-grant-best-start-foods/ 

Bill Kidd MSP


Bill is MSP for Glasgow Anniesland. 

His major political interests are the development of policies to eradicate poverty, job creation, housing policy and an end to the nuclear power and weapons programmes of successive British Governments.

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