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Bill Asks Scottish Government Question Regarding Foodbanks

Today, Bill asked the Scottish Government how it is collaborating with third sector organisations and other partners to tackle food insecurity.

Aileen Campbell MSP, the new Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, gave this reply:

"No one should be hungry in a country as prosperous as Scotland. The Scottish Government are working with a number of third sector organisations and other partners to respond to and tackle the root causes of food insecurity.

In our Programme for Government, we committed to increasing our Fair Food Fund from £1.5 to £3.5 million in 2019-20. This Fund currently supports 34 community food organisations, including 13 food banks to develop dignified and rights-based responses to food insecurity.

In addition to this, our £20 million Empowering Communities Fund comprises a number of targeted funds and programmes that support community-led Regeneration, including projects that tackle food insecurity."

Young Scots: Design the New Baby Box!

Be a part of the team who will design the new generation of Baby Boxes!

In partnership with Scottish Government and Children in Scotland, Young Scot are looking for young people with a passion for art and design to submit their own concepts for the next iteration of Baby Boxes.Applications can be submitted at

Scotland’s first Baby Box was launched one year ago today, on the 15th August 2017, after a competition to design the original. The winning design (pictured above) was a forest fairy tale scene complete with Highland cows, squirrels and the Loch Ness Monster.

Every child born on or after the 15th August 2017 will receive a Baby Box. So far over 50,000 Baby Boxes have been sent to newborns all over Scotland featuring this design.


Bill hosts Anthony Nolan at Parliament



Celebrating the 935 potential lifesavers in Glasgow Anniesland this Blood Cancer Awareness Month

To mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month this September, Bill Kidd MSP attended a reception in Holyrood, to celebrate the number of potential stem cell donors in Anniesland on the Anthony Nolan register.

This achievement was celebrated by Anthony Nolan on Thursday 20 September, as part of its Communities vs Blood Cancer campaign, which shines a spotlight on the vital work being done at a local level to ensure every patient in need of a stem cell transplant can find a lifesaving donor.

In Glasgow Anniesland, 935 potential stem cell donors are registered with Anthony Nolan. 36% of these donors are male, and the average age is 34.

In total, more than 700,000 people in the UK are on the Anthony Nolan register, any of whom could be a match for someone with blood cancer and asked to donate their stem cells to give a patient a second chance of life.

Bill Kidd and brave cancer survivor, Ollie. Ollie loves his new cuddly toy (now called 'Slothie') from Bill. Ollie came with the Anthony Nolan to the Scottish Parliament last week. The Anthony Nolan Trust explained to MSPs about how more people can sign onto the stem cell register to help save lives.

Bill Kidd and brave cancer survivor, Ollie. Ollie loves his new cuddly toy (now called 'Slothie') from Bill. Ollie came with the Anthony Nolan to the Scottish Parliament last week. Anthony Nolan explained to MSPs about how more people can sign onto the stem cell register to help save lives.

Now, Bill Kidd is encouraging more people from Anniesland, particularly men aged 16-30 and people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, to register as stem cell donors and make sure that a match is available for everyone in need of a transplant. While anyone on the register could be a match for someone with blood cancer, men aged 16-30 are most likely to be asked to donate. They provide more than 50% of donations yet make up just 16% of the register. There is also a shortage of donors from non-white and mixed-race backgrounds.

Bill Kidd MSP said: “I am very proud that Anniesland has 935 people who have selflessly volunteered to give someone a second chance at life. Donating stem cells is straightforward but it could make an enormous difference to someone with no other chance of a cure.

“I strongly hope that more people from our community will be inspired to sign up and show that together, we can provide a cure for blood cancer.”


Citizen Monitors Put UK WMD Base on Notice

2 DBOTB and Bill KiddToday an international group of citizen monitors visited Faslane naval base on the Clyde estuary to advice its operators that their activity is prohibited under international law as confirmed by the new UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)1.

Vicki Elson, Anthony Donovan, Janet Fenton, Sylvia Boyes and Timmon Wallis were acting as a small delegation from the hundreds of people who attended the NAE NUKES Rally at Faslane on Saturday last (22nd September). Visiting the North Gate of the nuclear weapon base they met with the Duty Naval Officer to advise him that the work being carried out there for the UK's WMD arsenal is unlawful. They also handed him a copy of the TPNW and a copy of Timmon Wallis' book The Truth about Trident. The Duty Officer promised to hand these items to the base commander, Commodore Donald Doull. They then left signs saying “Prohibited” at both main gates to the base.

Under the auspices of the new Treaty similar citizen monitoring inspections have already taken place in other nuclear-armed states and in countries hosting US nuclear weapons.

Janet Fenton said:

Those employed at Faslane on Trident and Trident-related work should be made aware of the Treaty and the impact it is already having worldwide. The Treaty is shifting nukes ever more clearly into the category of pariah weapons, along with chemical weaponry and landmines, on account of their horrendous effects on human life. Staff also need also to realise that Trident's jacket is now on a really shoogly nail. At the NAE NUKES Rally on Saturday international disarmers from Russia, Israel, the US, Germany and Japan commended us for our resistance to nuclear weapons and pointed out that we can play a key role in making the UK the first nuclear armed state to comply with the Treaty. That is a challenge to all Scots.”

Timmon Wallis said:

"We don't have to wait for the UK, the US or the other nuclear armed states to decide it's time to get rid of these unacceptable weapons. The new treaty gives us a legal framework to get rid of these weapons OURSELVES! We can decide to comply with this treaty as individuals, as organizations, as faith communities, as universities, hospitals, businesses, cities and other political entities. And by doing so, we can begin to dismantle the nuclear war machine piece by piece, as the companies which make and maintain these weapons, and the people who work in these companies, begin to realise that they can no longer do so without moral, legal and financial consequences."

Bill Kidd MSP is convenor of the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party Group on Nuclear Disarmament. More information can be found here.

Bill Kidd MSP raises a cup to help people with cancer live life as fully as they can

Bill Kidd MSP for Glasgow Anniesland joined MSP’s from across the Scottish Parliament to raise a cup to the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

MacMillan 2018 Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

Putting politics aside, Bill Kidd MSP joined with Janice Preston, Macmillan Head of Services in Scotland for the charity’s flagship fundraising campaign which aims to raise millions to help people with cancer live life as fully as they can.

Last year thousands of people across the UK took part in a Coffee Morning event, raising around £27m for Macmillan. This year the total raised by Coffee Morning since it began in 1991 will pass the £200m mark. The official day for World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Friday 28th September but you can hold your own event at a time to suit you.

It couldn’t be more simple to get involved - all you need to do is get together with family, friends or colleagues over coffee and cake. You can register now for your free fundraising pack via the website - - or find a Coffee Morning near you to get involved in.

Help people with cancer live life as fully as they can and find a Macmillan Coffee Morning in your community to attend this September.

Bill Kidd MSP


Bill is MSP for Glasgow Anniesland. 

His major political interests are the development of policies to eradicate poverty, job creation, housing policy and an end to the nuclear power and weapons programmes of successive British Governments.

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