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Bill hosts Hibakusha Guests at the Scottish Parliament

Last week Bill Kidd hosted Yamada Reiko and Ms Yamada Midori at the Scottish Parliament. These women are Hibakusha- 1st and 2nd generation suvivors of the nuclear atomic bombs which hit Hiroshima in August 1945/. They met with MSPs from a variety of different parties and shared their incredibly moving personal stories of what it is like to live through an atomic bomb. You can read about their stories online.


Bill Kidd MSP, Yamada Midori, Yamada Reiko, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish CND campaigners:

hibakusha Nicola Sturgeon

 Find out more about the Nuclear Weapons ban here

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets with Yamada Midori (Left) and Yamada Reiko (Centre) and reaffirms committment to remove Nuclear Weapons from Scotland, if and when this is in the hands of the Scottish Government:

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Bill Kidd MSP and Carol Monaghan MP Joint Statement on RBS Bank Closure

Local politician’s issue joint statement asking Royal Bank to re-think Anniesland Branch Closure;  


“Today we have written individually to Mr Ross McEwan the CEO  of The Royal Bank of Scotland, stating that we are both very concerned by the announcement that Royal Bank of Scotland, are to close their Glasgow Anniesland Cross branch on 10th October 2017, and would urge RBS to rethink this statement.

Combined with the recent Job Centre closure announcement at Anniesland Cross and the Proposed  Post Office Closure in Drumchapel, this is another heavy blow for our Constituents. The loss of which would have a detrimental impact on local residents in Anniesland, Knightswood and Jordanhill, many of whom are elderly, who will now have no direct access to the nearest branch which  is on Byres Road – 1.66 miles away – a not un-considerable distance to travel for many RBS customers who rely on this vital local service.

We are also  particularly concerned by potential job losses, as there is as yet no mention of whether or not these hard-working staff will be retained and moved to other branches.

Whilst we understand that the shift towards online and mobile banking has affected the number of in-store transactions in recent years there still has to be access to over the counter services within existing communities particularly one so heavily populated with older residents”.


Read Bill's letter to CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland here

Antonine Day Centre gifted bus by Cllr Balfour


Yesterday Gerry Irvine from SPT presented one of their ex 16 seater MyBus fleet, to Louise Lawson the manager of Antonine Court Day Care Centre in Drumchapel, it came about because Cllr Malcolm Balfour who is on the SPT board heard they were donating 5 older buses to local charities and he knew Antonine was looking for something similar to get their service users back and forward to their homes.

The bus will be welcomed by the service users and staff as it will enable the pick-up and drop-off times to be shortened allowing them more time to enjoy the daily activities and also to look at more day trips when the weather permits. Cllr Balfour said that, "he was very proud to have brought the bus to the centre and knew it would be put to good use", Louise added that she wanted to "thank SPT for being so generous and Cllr Balfour for remembering that the centre was looking for extra transport".

Marie Curie Fundraising and Awareness at Parliament

The Great Daffodil Appeal

The Great Daffodil Appeal is Marie Curie’s biggest fundraising campaign and encourages everyone to give a donation and wear one of the charity’s daffodil pins during March.

Since the first Great Daffodil Appeal took place in 1986, more than £70 million has been raised to fund the charity’s work. This money has enabled Marie Curie to provide more of the free hands-on care and emotional support the charity is renowned for. Daffodil pins will be available from volunteer collectors, local shops and supermarkets. For more information call 0845 601 3107 (local rate) or visit www.mariecurie.org.uk/daffodil.

Follow the conversation on twitter via #daffodilappeal


Marie Curie and Bill

10th March Action Day: Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) registration

PUBLIC ACCESS DEFIBRILLATORS (PADS) can be found all over Scotland and are vital pieces of equiptment in the crucial early minutes following a cardiac arrest before the ambulance arrives. Currently, anyone can acquire a defibrillator and they are often based in community centres, sports facilities and other public places. 

While there is no legal obligation to register defibrillators, the Scottish Ambulance Service now has a dedicated registration website and we are appealing to local communities to ensure we know where these are, so when someone calls 999 we will know where the nearest defibrillator is, if required. 

We need the custodians who look after these defibrillators to register them on our website. We also need members of the public to check whether defibrillators they see in their communities are registered with us at: pad.scottishambulance.com.

How can you help?

By participating in our Day of Action on Friday 10March, you will help us to increase registration of PADs and ensure more people across Scotland are able to survive a cardiac arrest.  

Bill Kidd MSP


Bill is MSP for Glasgow Anniesland. 

His major political interests are the development of policies to eradicate poverty, job creation, housing policy and an end to the nuclear power and weapons programmes of successive British Governments.

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